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2 ways to lose weight…

There are two common ways to lose weight:

  • Starve Yourself
  • Control Your Insulin
  • As I discussed in a previous post about the myth of low calorie dieting, all diet plans that focus on decreasing caloric intake and increasing caloric output as a means for weight loss are the metabolic equivalent of starving yourself.

    The other option to lose weight is to control your insulin. In my experience, this method is a lot more fun, works much better in the short and long term and ultimately leads to better health, energy and vitality.

    When you are ready to stop starving yourself and start doing what actually works, check out our new book NRG Your Diet and Lifestyle Compass.  We are offering a limited time special to get both a digital version and the paper back version for only the cost of the paper back.

    I know what my choice is…

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