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5-Point Friday–Sept 25th, 2015

Happy Friday, I hope you enjoyed last weeks 5-Point Friday post!  I’m still playing with subjects week to week.

I hope your week finds you strong and moving towards better health, productivity, and fitness!

1)Positive Thought:

Men’s natures are alike; it is their habits that separate them.


2)Health News:  Stomach viruses, common colds, and allergies have filled my day in the past week.  Treatment after you get sick is straight forward.  A more exciting topic starts with “How do I keep from getting sick?”  More often than not, this starts with improving your digestive health.  The “Gut” serves as the core of our immune system.

Ignore digestive woes and you set yourself up for ongoing, progressive health problems.

Next week I team up with Dr. John Sullivan to bring our next health and wellness seminar covering just this topic!  <Link here to RSVP for one or both topics>  

For those of you unable to attend, look forward to the video version in the coming weeks.

3)A Year Ago: I was busy planting a small orchard which became the mainframe trees in my Chicken Orchard project recently completed.  I now appreciate those long days of planting as the trees have matured and begun showing signs of fruit production.  Besides the obvious sense of satisfaction from food self-sufficiency, the trees represent a continuation of my quest to bring real food ideas to my clinic patients and NRGTRIBE readers.

It’s not “Mission impossible” to create our own food!  

High quality food, locally sourced, grown in a sustainable fashion = Good health.

4)What I’m reading:  The Power of Habit:  Why we do what we do in life and business, (Charles Duhigg).  This was an insightful read exploring the current research surrounding habit, habit formation, and habit change.  Duhigg makes this readable with lots of take home, actionable information.   Intrigued by habits ranging from eating habits to competitive athletic coaching methods, I found this book well worth a read.

5)Health Nugget: Quality fats (Healthy fats) are a must for optimal health.  Healthy fats come from several food sources including:  Nuts, eggs, milk, cheese, butter, avocado, fish, coconut oil, etc.  Current research reveals consuming high quality fats improves health and is not detrimental.  Quality fats and cholesterol serve as building blocks for our nervous system, hormones, and internal organs.  Fats also contain a large number of key vitamins!

As always, leave comments, ask questions, share ideas!

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Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

W. Curtis, MD

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