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8 Myths about food and health that MUST be destroyed

MYTH Gaining weight is your fault because you are weak and constantly over eat.

TRUTH All low fat, low calorie diets (most popular weight loss programs) set you up to fail because they cause metabolic disorders, food cravings, and emotional distress which all lead to more weight gain in the long run.

MYTH Calories dictate weight gain/weight loss.
TRUTH The human body is a biochemical, hormone balanced system that stores or burns fat based on the quality of food you eat not the quantity.

MYTH Over consumption of fat is the primary cause of obesity, heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
TRUTH Refined carbohydrates and over consumption of processed foods are the basis of weight gain and other degenerative disease.

MYTH Cholesterol causes clogged arteries and should be avoided.
TRUTH Cholesterol is a natural, life sustaining substance present in all cells of the body and is the structural basis for cell membranes, many hormones and brain functions and should be consumed daily. There is no scientific link between cholesterol and heart disease.

MYTH Exercise is required to lose weight.
TRUTH While exercise does provide many health benefits, it is secondary to the quality of food eaten.

MYTH Health claims on food packages are accurate and well intentioned.
TRUTH Health claims on food labels are a marketing ploy designed to boost sales as much as possible and are either false or negated by the processed nature of the food product.

MYTH All dietitians and nutritionists give scientifically backed dietary advice.
TRUTH Most dietitians and nutritionists operate on 50 year old assumptions and political policies and are trained by food processing companies to dispense imitation health foods with extreme profit margins.

MYTH Starvation occurs only when there is not enough food.
TRUTH Starvation occurs daily at a cellular level when nutrient poor, refined foods are chosen over nutrient dense real food.

MYTH The FDA and USDA have your best interest in mind.
TRUTH The FDA and USDA serve the pharmaceutical and food processing lobbyists with the intent to guarantee profits despite failing American health.

These are just a few of the commonly held beliefs regarding the “politically correct” diet and nutrition information that has become embedded in our cultural psyche.  In order to break the cycle we are in we must begin to bust these myths and awaken to the truth behind what really works when it comes to health and wellness.

Have any questions about the claims I’ve made? Let me know in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer.

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