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Be Prepared for LIFE!

The lifestyle required to be fit and healthy gets bad publicity sometimes. The books, “Eat This not That” translates for many people into, “I will never be able to have a real potato chip or ice cream again”….or the TV shows, “Biggest Loser” may speak to some by saying, “I have to do extreme weights, cardio, and have a psycho trainer to get REAL results”. The movies, magazine covers, etc, etc may tell some, “why shoud I even try to measure up to the beautiful people”. Health and fitness to most people should mean what lifestyle is realistic for ME that also enables me to feel well, enjoy the things I like to do, avoid disease, and truly LIVE LIFE!


In reality, you can and should eat REAL WHOLE FOODS that satisfy your hunger, provide nutrients for an active lifestyle, and protect you from whatever challenges come your way. In terms of activity and fitness, no one program, gym, video, etc. speaks to all people. You have to choose a fitness option that truly works for YOUR LIFE not what looks cool or what the “in” fitness craze currently is. That fitness option can be joining a big or small local gym, buying a set of videos, buying basic equipment for your home, or just getting a plan and doing all bodyweight exercises in the backyard. With the proper base of knowledge and resources anyone can be Prepared for Life and the NRG Tribe is a great support system for whatever your goals are!


The Everyday Athletes group on the NRG Tribe will be the space to be when it comes to planning and achieving your fitness goals.

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