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Benchmarking for 2013…One Example


There are many ways to begin a journey, but if you don’t know where you are on the map then it makes it difficult to get to your intended destination! The same goes for fitness and lifestyle changes. It’s important as you start your journey to set a Benchmark or Starting Point in the beginning. Below is one example of how to do one for your fitness level. It has a little upper body strength, lower body strength, a little cardio, and core body strength to gauge where you are in key measures of fitness.


10 min Everyday Athlete Warm up
Maximum Air Squats in 1 minute (record #)
30 seconds rest
Maximun Pushups in 1 minute (record #)
30 seconds rest
Maximum Plank Position (record time)
10 minute cool down


Give it a try early this year and then do an assessment/re-assessment monthly to chart your progress! Best of luck reaching your fitness and lifestyle goals in 2013!

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