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Chemical BPA linked to obesity in children!


Here’s some real nutritional news.  As I’ve preached for years, sodas and processed sugars may very well be the health downfall of the United States.


Now, there’s evidence that the soda can itself can make you  fat!


Good grief, as if the contents weren’t bad enough, now we learn a specific plastic lining in many soda cans contains a chemical called BPA (Bisphenol-A).  BPA is a low grade Estrogen.   I’ve attached the full article describing the recently released information.


This study gives me concern for two reasons beyond what I already knew about consuming sodas.  First, estrogen compounds have already been implicated in many serious diseases, not limited to but including female cancers of many types.


Second, VERY SMALL quantities of previously thought “insignificant” chemicals/hormones, may indeed play a huge role in our health.  Obesity is the #1 problem in our country in my opinion…..leading to many obvious causes of death (Diabetes, heart disease, etc.)  If there’s even a chance that this chemical worsens obesity…..why are we poisoning ourselves….and our children?




I love the part near  the end where the industry hack proclaims…..


“Attempts to link our national obesity problem to minute exposures to chemicals found in common, everyday products are a distraction from the real efforts underway to address this important national health issue. ( YEAH LIKE NOT DRINKING HIS PRODUCT???)  Due to inherent, fundamental limitations in this study, it is incapable of establishing any meaningful connection between BPA and obesity.”


I feel better…..party on.

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