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Eliminating Wheat and Sugar Can Improve Autoimmunity



Ever wonder whether food contributes to disease?

You should.

My posts on the NRGTRIBE.com represent many of my clinical observations day after day, year after year.

One thing I can say for certain, wheat, sugar, and grain based foods trigger autoimmunity.  

If you have rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, chronic osteoarthritis, eczema or even migraine headaches, you deserve a trial elimination.

For years I have counseled people with autoimmune and chronic inflammation on the value of decreasing or even eliminating wheat and processed sugar from the diet.  I am constantly amazed at the so called “Uncurable” conditions that simply fade away with these basic recommendations.

My Healthcare Wish

If I could make one recommendation to health policy makers in this country–STOP RECOMMENDING GRAIN BASED FOODS FOR BETTER HEALTH.

I have 15 years of practical experience and observations with patients. In that time, I have consistently recommended my patients try removing sugar, wheat, corn and soy products for various ailments.   With great consistently, I routinely witness amazing changes in autoimmune and inflammatory related diseases and symptoms.

I stopped being amazed years ago.

Over the years, I have had numerous cases of rheumatism, inflammatory polyarthritis, eczema and migraines simply resolve with this safe, cost effective advice.

Downside = ZERO

Cost = ZERO

Savings = Potentially HUGE given some of the patients I have treated have completely stopped taking expensive and dangerous autoimmune medications, pain killers, anti-inflammatory drugs etc.

Plus, if the symptoms are gone, doesn’t this represent “Cure?”  

Time To Empower

Even better than simply curing a condition, I love how this simple dietary advice can empower individuals.  Truthfully, we need more of that nowadays.  If avoiding wheat and sugar became a standard, uniform recommendation, I believe we could see massive decreases in autoimmune related conditions and associated medical visits, lost work time, and healthcare expense.

As an added bonus, severely curtailing wheat, sugar and grain based foods dramatically improves obesity and diabetic control.

Imagine the possibilities.

Better yet, begin a trial elimination, see how you feel.

Here are a few links to spur thought.  Ask questions if you struggle with this advice.  Share if you have advice or experience with these recommendations.

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