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Can exercise prevent or cure diabetes?


Like the old Nike ad, a recent article got me thinking.


The article reveals that moderate physical activities several days weekly reduces this incidence of diabetes.

But wait…..isn’t diabetes genetic?

Aren’t we doomed by our parents to inherit poor health and diabetic related consequences?

This article suggests otherwise and fits with my view of diabetes and the best prevention/cure strategies.

Lifestyle vs. Genetics

Diabetes does have a genetic component.

However, in my clinical experience those diabetics willing to change lifestyle habits often improve or even cure diabetes.  Instead of more medications and more complications, these diabetics instead decide NOT to adhere to the same old diet regimens and they ADD physical activity.

When you exercise, glycogen (storage form of sugar) gets utilized, thereby requiring replacement.  When the muscles become depleted of sugar they become very receptive to reabsorbing (restocking) their glycogen stores.  Net effect=lower blood sugar, improved insulin resistance, lower body fat, less reliance on medications, or RESOLUTION OF DIABETES.

It’s almost cliche’ but JUST DO IT.  You don’t have to wait for your doctor to prompt you.  Diabetics, pre-diabetics, folks wanting to lose weight…..exercise is a key.

Start basic, don’t go out and do so much you injure or impair you ability to walk the next day!

Build the habit.  Set simple, easy goals, build as you progress.  If you are a diabetic, carefully watch your sugar, if you tend to experience low spells, consider talking with your doctor about decreasing medications….

If you think your injured, get checked out.

Basic walking, flexibility, and strength training are the best areas to start.

For more exercise motivation see any blog written by the Tribe’s own Chris Story.

Motivation to exercise

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