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Exploring New Horizons and the 4 keys of any true adventure

“Warning: potentially unsafe situation ahead”

Trying new things, conquering unseen territory, flirting with the unknown can strike a fear into the hearts of men stronger even than the fear of death.  And for good reason, humans have a survival instinct that fires off an alarm when encountering the unknown.  On the flip side, there is nothing that creates a sense of adventure and generates excitement like overcoming fear and taking that leap into the dark.  More often than not, the negative fears were over-exaggerated and the benefits were unforeseen. 


NRG creates just such an environment. It’s different enough to generate fear within most people when they hear about it for the first time.  If you can relate then New Horizons is just for you.  Its time to take your life by the reins and regain control of your health.  Here are four things to consider as you begin your healing adventure.


  • NRG often requires courage.
  • NRG opens up the possibility for you to enjoy something new.
  • NRG keeps you from becoming bored.
  • NRG forces you to grow.

    As you begin the program, you will encounter information that challenges what you know about food, health and nutrition.  With this new information comes the requirement to try new foods, give up old habits, visit new stores, restaurants and markets, utilize the internet in new ways, get to know new people, be proactive about your food choices and health status and ultimately become more aware about yourself and the world around you.


    The best way to approach New Horizons is to set one to three simple goals and track your progress. Whether it is to try an unfamiliar food, experiment with a new cooking technique or visit the local butcher it is up to you. 


    Below is a long list of potential New Horizons but in the end, you know yourself and your situation best.  A willingness to grow and try a new thing or two each week will help you more on this program than almost anything else.  Set aside your fear, pick up your courage and get started, your life is waiting.


    Possible New Horizons


    Try a specific new food


    Eat a food that you have not eaten in a long time


    Track down and purchase eggs from a local producer


    Take lunch to work


    Order real food products online

    US Wellness Meats sells quality grassland meat products

    Tanka Buffalo Bars

    Cultures For Health Fermented Foods


    Locate and purchase raw milk 


    Make homemade ice cream with real ingredients


    Try a new restaurant that serves real food


    Make a special meal request at a restaurant (no bread, olive oil and   vinegar on salad)


    Locate and visit a farmers market


    Locate and visit a local butcher or meat market


    Ask butcher about organ meats


    Contact a local farmer. Find one here or here 

    Locate and visit a health food store


    Locate and visit an ethnic grocery store (Asian, Middle Eastern)


    Make a lacto-fermented food (sauerkraut, ginger carrots, yogurt)


    Try whole food supplements


    Stop taking synthetic vitamins


    Stop using over the counter meds 


    Quick Note:

    Some of the links above are affiliate links which means The NRG Tribe will receive a small commission if you click through the link and make a purchase. This is not, however, the primary reason why we include these links! We endorse the highest quality products and services that are complementary to our message and we do our best to provide for you everything that is needed to succeed with your health and wellness goals.

    It’s Time To Conquer a New Horizon!

    Let us know what new horizon you are going to conquer by commenting below.

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