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Why Multi-tasking is for Suckers

Science has proven that multi-tasking isn’t effective.  It can’t be done.

You think you’re doing more in less time and space…but in reality you are doing one, two, three or more things INEFFECTIVELY.

As a thought experiment try quieting input into your mind.

News reports, social media, and the host of information sources we bombard ourselves with everyday present information in choppy, short bursts.

These “Packets” of information train our brain to think in brief, shallow terms.  Our ability to think deeply wanes from atrophy.

We lose insight into why we feel the way we do.

Are you in a bad mood today?  Like a tummy-ache, consuming too many packets of emotionally charged informational snippets can wreck your day.

Feeling overwhelmed, emotional, ineffective, or unfocused?

Consider turning off the flow.  Try a Media Fast


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