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Novedex Testosterone Boosting? Is it for me?

I was asked by a patient recently to comment on the pros and cons of taking a specific muscle building / recovery supplement.  Here goes……..
Important Health Brief

Important Health Brief

Novedex is an over-the-counter (OTC) dietary supplement that claims to increase testosterone levels. It is composed of anti-aromatase inhibiting compounds, which prevent the assimilation and absorption of estrogen in the body. Estrogen is the natural enemy of testosterone, as far as building muscle mass goes, and the suppression of estrogen allows for testosterone levels to rise unopposed. As with many OTC supplements, the benefits of Novedex can be wildly exaggerated by its users and manufacturers. Novedex is not regulated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and should not be confused with doctor-prescribed testosterone boosters.


Basically the supplement adjusts the ratio of estrogen to testosterone…..yes even men have estrogen!  Ideally, by shifting from your existing balance of estrogen vs testosterone to one that is slightly more testosterone dominant you theoretically gain more androgen (male hormone) driven behaviors and effects.  (weight gain, muscle increase, faster recovery….cro-magnon forehead.…just kidding….but actually it happens with pure testosterone supplementation.

Novedex is meant to be cycled, meaning it is taken daily for a period of several weeks, then completely stopped for an extended amount of time. The reason for this is to maximize the body’s response, while at the same time trying to avoid the amount of negative side effects that can develop.  


Novedex does not contain  testosterone, and more immediate effects of actual hormone supplementation won’t be noticed. However, there are some side effects, such as upset stomach, increased or decreased libido, and restlessness. Excess gas has also been reported, which can sometimes be offset by taking the capsules with a small meal.


Novedex is a testosterone booster, and as with any other testosterone enhancer, enlargement of the prostate gland may occur. In addition, anyone with pre-existing liver problems should not take this product without first seeing your doctor. It can also increase blood pressure and down-regulate you testicular output of testosterone (WHY YOU SAY?  Because the body “senses” through hormonal feedback systems that the testosterone levels are “RELATIVELY” high….so it down shifts production of testosterone downward.




Caution when using products that bind hormones.  In my medical experience the binding affect can last for long periods of time….IF, I were to use this product I would never take more than 2 weeks at a stretch timed during workout periods of very high intensity where recovery requirements and muscle gains will be the highest.




Focus instead on “Real nutrition” is always the best approach.  Hydration, high protein diet, enjoying healthy fats are the best way to balanced hormones, good strength, and athletic gains.  

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