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Olympus Project Supplemental: Lift Techniques

The Olympus project uses cross-fit style workouts which combine many dynamic weight lifts, gymnastic exercises, as well as classic IMG_1454[1]exercises like running, cycling, etc.


Very important, as eluded  to in Olympus Project Week #3, proper form reigns supreme when trying to progress through these workouts.  If you can’t do the form properly, one must perfect that technique before adding weight or excessive repetitions.  Taking the time to sharpen form makes all the difference and avoids injury during these high intensity programs.


For those interested, check out common lift techniques.



Several of the lifts that we have been performing over the past few weeks are either brand new to us or lifts we haven’t done in many years. Here we’ve collected some videos from around the web demonstrating how to properly perform many of the key Crossfit lifts.

Clean Jerk

Back Squats

Good Mornings

Kettlebell Swings




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