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Olympus Project Week 7: Momentum

Experiments in fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.

Experiments in fitness, nutrition and lifestyle.









Week seven comes to a close.


This was the first week where the prescribed workouts did not leave me drained.  I felt strength improving and actually powered through several of the workouts.


Our skill and form improved during weight training sessions and we are now increasing our intensity (weight) indicating improved strength.  The early awkwardness and weight room rust are less evident now.


I was especially proud of our volume workout (3x 5k)…That’s right 9 miles.  I haven’t run that far in 3-4 years.  Interestingly, I felt pretty solid during the run.  I’m also excited to notice increasing core strength.  Focusing on form and intensity of activity has improved my ability to run a distance I normally would run out of gas at even a slow pace.  Thinking back 3 months ago, I tried to run 3 miles one morning….  My legs became so tight I thought I might have vascular disease because the tightness seemed to mimic Claudication.


Those days are long gone.   I didn’t have vascular disease.  I had poor physical conditioning and weak core, back, and hamstrings.


What a difference the strength training has made.


Nutritionally I had a very good week.  I maintained a very low carbohydrate diet.  I did not notice significant cravings of any type and I believe decisions to stay away from “processed carbs” is reflexive at this point.


I completed all workouts except the Sunday dead left workout.  (Instead I replaced that with lifting feed bags and heavy ranch work.)


Hey, life happens. (BTW….my low back normally hurts terribly the day after ranch work….not anymore!!!)


Overall, the past week of training and nutrition has been fruitful.   Previous woes starting this twelve week adventure have transformed into increased strength, flexibility, motivation, and stamina.  In addition, I sleep good and mental clarity and creativity.


David had a similar experience this week.   He has noticed weight gain which indicates he’s on his way to reaching one of his key goals of muscular weight gain.   For the first time we both achieved some gains despite our differing backgrounds and fitness levels at the beginning of

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