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Olympus Project Week 8: Progess and gun fire

David and I both agree that in the past few weeks of our experiment in fitness and nutrition, our work-out program often left us wiped out and sore. In the past 1-2 weeks. I believe we both reached a plateau of sorts where our bodies finally adapted to the rigorous cross-fit endurance program originally crafted by Brian Mackenzie.


We notice soreness after workouts but not soreness that hampers activity the following day. Some workouts, depending on the type, one or both of us actually excel.


For instance, during a recent sprint workout, both David and I covered the 200 meter sprints x 10 without difficulty. In fact, the final 2-3 sprints felt strong and we pushed our pace.


I’m impressed with the gains in both strength and stamina thus far.


Nutritionally speaking our NRG Diet (Whole – food, low carb approach) has helped focus our efforts on foods that will both provide ample energy but also, in my case, help me lose belly fat.


No major set backs this week.


Our only real excitement this week came from what we call our “Rambo the river idiot.” While on a long run near a remote part of the Nueces river, some guy on the far bank decided to level his rifle and take a shot at David. Fortunately he was about 150 yards away, but clearly leveled his rifle in David’s direction. I doubt it was a mistake as we both wore bright neon shirts that day.


David noted the bullet crack in the air above his head which helped him realize this wasn’t a joke.


We quickly diverted our path and moved away from the edge of the river, thereby using the brush to cover our escape.


I know it sounds weird but we laughed off the event later. What an idiot. Clearly he doesn’t fall into the majority of responsible gun owners I know!


So, I think we’ll avoid the river trail in the future. (Or bring our flak jackets next time)


As always, I hope this encourages others to seek opportunities for better health!

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