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Performance Tips: Benefits of Post-workout Gratefulness

I am intrigued by human performance.

I believe we are capable of 20x more than we give ourselves credit for.

Recently I noticed how awesome I felt after a strenuous cross-fit workout.  Sweaty, good-tired, I felt calm, almost “Zen-like.”  I managed to achieve the desired “Runner’s high,”  that perfect state of endorphins, blood-flow and mind-body interface bliss.

Near the end of my normal cool-down routine which included a brief series of Yoga stretches and Box breathing exercises, I noticed a recurring thought….

“You are blessed…You have much to be grateful for…”

I then experienced a stream of positive emotion and thoughts of my family, my health, friends, and opportunity.

The rest of the day I noticed this behavior had a powerful effect on my mood, energy, productivity, clarity and creativity.

For hours after my workout, adding a few moments of controlled, breathing tied with expressions of gratitude, produced a sustained sense of wholeness.

Amazing how a brief moment of clarity makes you feel more grounded, and connected with things that value most in life.

I believe exercise re-connects mind/body.  Neurologic, neurochemical, and hormone interfaces are reset and adjusted with even brief bursts of intense physical activity.

How else can so much research prove the beneficial link between exercise and health?

I’m going to continue experimenting with the routine of 5-10 minutes of post-workout Yoga.

I also plan to continue expressing gratitude as a “End-cap” to my workouts.  I suspect this effort will have a cumulative or compounding effect in my performance both in the gym and life.

Hope these musings were helpful!

Give this gratefulness technique a try.

Questions of the Day:  What post-workout routines do you use?  How have they influenced the remainder of the your life?

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