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Making Positive Downloads

What happens when things don’t go the way you want?

How does this make you feel?

When things seem out of our control this produces frustration, anger, and a host of negative unhealthy emotions and behaviors.

A huge part of physical health stems from mental, spiritual and emotional health.  Just like working out and eating right, lack of attention to these non-physical factors will change your life.

The vast majority of people I see in clinic fail to see how their own thoughts, misconceptions, and negative mental feedback loops change their health.

You can’t control everything.  Friends, family and coworkers will not always meet your expectations.

Life isn’t fair.

What can you do?

Just like exercise for the body, spend time everyday putting positive thoughts and images into your mind.

Set aside 20 min each morning to read, listen, or watch positive, motivational, or inspirational material.

In particular, I suggest, finding topics on simplicity, mindfulness, or positivity.   Like rebooting, the 20 min daily download will shape your mindset.  When mindset changes, behavior changes.  Behaviors become habits.  Habits become your life.

Watch how positive things happen around you by changing your mindset.

Please leave a comment with your favorite sources of inspiration!  

I have my favorites and I’m happy to share….



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