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These are your kidneys…These are your kidneys on the Standard American Diet

There is a party game called two truths and a lie where you share three things about yourself, two of which are true and one which is false.  Then, everyone else tries to guess which one was the lie.  Today, we are going to switch it up and play two lies and a truth. 


Here goes…


1.  Diabetics make up a significant portion of those who suffer severe kidney disease (44%).

2.  Low carb diets are high in protein.

3.  High protein diets are hard on the kidneys and should be avoided by people with kidney disease (diabetics).


So, which statement is true and which are lies.  If you follow main stream medicine they all sound like pretty standard truths.  Statement number one is absolutely true, diabetes susbstantially increases the risk of severe kidney disease.  The next two start to get a little hazy. 


A new research study was recently published on the effects of low carb diets on diabetic mice with severe kidney disease.


Two primary points popped out to me as I read the article.  The first was the fact that the low carb diet used in the study was over 80% fat.  This points out a common misconception about low carb diets.  When followed correctly, low carb diets are high in fat and moderate in protein.  The second point that stood out was the fact that low carb, high fat diets were shown to reverse kidney damagerather than make it worse as was previously speculated.


The next time somebody tells you that a low carb diet is bad for diabetics and hard on your kidneys you know exactly what to say, LIES!!!

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