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Tribal Update

I am busy preparing a series of webinars and local clinic seminar events.

Before I get too far into that process I’d like a input from YOU!

Leave a comment here describing areas you might struggle with.  Or leave feedback on health, fitness, nutrition or lifestyle topics you would like more help with in the coming weeks. If the topic seems to personal or you need to offer more details, please leave me a message directly (CONTACT HERE).

Also, several readers mentioned interest in coming out to my farm to explore my Chicken Orchard, local food production and other ongoing homesteading activities. I’m thinking about setting up a workshop at the farm sometime in May 2016.

Please comment if you are interested, in this type of activity, and a preferred day of the week/time.

This year is flying by, Spring is in full effect.  I look forward to helping you reach your health, fitness and lifestyle goals!!!

Remember… Food is Medicine.


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