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Visualization for Success


Trying to lose weight or get in shape?

Trying to earn a promotion, start a business, or land that ideal job?

Winning starts in the mind.  Mindset wins the day.

Spending brief time —everyday— visualizing oneself performing at a high level, succeeding, and winning at whatever we want to acheive prepares the mind and body for the actual event.  Visualization allows repetive practice…before the actual event.  Visualizing successful behavior, outcomes, emotions, and actions prepares the mind, muscles, and body the performance necessary for success.

This simple daily activity is the same one used by many of the most successful athletes, warriors, an business people to acheive greatness.

If you can’t imagine yourself succeeding, conquering, or climbing to new heights your “Actual” chances will likely fall short.

I’d love some feedback on the concept of visualization.  I believe this underlines many of the body image, obesity, fitness, and lifestyle issues many in my community face.


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  • Helen Driscoll August 9, 2014, 5:36 pm

    Yes! Visualization is powerful! Pros use techniques to visualize themselves DOING (external visualization – observing yourself doing the action or being what you want) and FEELING what you will feel like when you’ve accomplished your project ( subjective visualization – sensing everything from your POV.)
    If you notice that some part of you doesn’t buy it – doesn’t believe you CAN do it, then techniques like EFT (tapping meridian points) help dispel the doubts.
    So many cool techniques are available to us all these days, none of us have an excuse 🙂 Me included 🙂

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