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What is your Kitchen Savvy? 11 questions that will help you create your foundation for change.

Kitchen Savvy Questionnaire

This brief questionnaire is designed to evaluate what you value regarding time spent in the kitchen. Use it to identify your culinary strengths that you can leverage on your journey to optimal health. 


1.   Are you interested in taking charge of your health by preparing nutritious food at home?

         No        Yes         Kind of  

Interest level in taking charge of your own health is key in identifying if this program will provide the tools you need to build your best self.

If you answered:

No- Hopefully we can generate some interest over the next few weeks as you learn how and why this program has the potential to totally change your life.

Kind of- You are probably unsure of how this program relates to health or lack confidence that you can actually make the necessary changes.  Hang in there, you will see that it is not as hard you think.

Yes- Alright, you are ready to go!  Your confidence and enthusiasm will only grow as you progress through this program.


2.   How many times per week do you cook right now?

         0      1-3     4-6     7+

The amount of time you currently spend in the kitchen is a realistic indicator of what changes you are able to implement.  Use this as you plan your meals and remember that the overall goal is continuous improvement not miraculous 180 degree changes.


3.   How many times do you typically eat out per week?

        0      1-3     4-6     7+

Eating out regularly has become part of our culture so it is time to learn how to eat out in a way that boosts your health.  If you scored high then pay extra attention to the eating out tips and tricks we provide to ensure your progress toward optimal health.

4.   Which meal or meals do you eat out the most?

         Breakfast     Lunch      Dinner     Snacks (vending machine)

Identifying which meals you regularly eat out will allow you to focus your efforts on making changes where they will have the most benefit.  Whether it is packing your lunch, stocking your desk with nuts or ordering your breakfast taquito sans tortilla in a cup, small changes add up over time.

5.   How many times do you go grocery shopping each week?

        0     1      2     3+

Grocery shopping can be a real burden and a source of grave temptation.  Streamlining the shopping process and reducing the exposure to temptation will go a long way in reducing your waistline and improving your resolve. Check out nrg.plantoeat.com for a super simple meal planner and shopping list generator that is stocked with only the best real food recipes.


6.   What do you value most about the meals you consume?

       Convenience              Efficiency              Self Sufficiency

Meals come in many different forms, each requiring different levels of personal input and offering different levels of consequence.

If you answered:

Convenience- While you may hit the drive through on the way home or throw some frozen french fries and fish sticks in the oven for the kids, don’t be discouraged. Preparing higher quality food can be quick and easy, it just takes a little planning and practice.

Efficiency- You have developed patterns and processes in your life that allow you to move quickly and easily from one thing to the next while still squeezing the most quality possible out of each experience.  Most likely, your routine will only require minor adjustments as you move through this program.

Self Sufficiency- You take pride in your work and value the effort you put into everything you do. Time spent on a job well done is time well spent.  This program will provide all the tools you need to do as much as you possibly can to create your own optimal health destiny.


7.   What is the measure of a successful meal?

       Cost            Quantity            Quality          All three

A successful meal can mean ten different things to ten different people.  Identifying what you value in a meal will allow you to tailor this program to exactly fit your needs and fulfill your expectations.

If you answered:

Cost- This is a major concern for many people. This program will show you that eating the most healthful food possible on a budget is well within your reach.

Quantity- You probably have many mouths to feed.  Have no fear, this program is perfectly suited to putting plenty of healthy food on the table and keeping everyone happy in the process.

Quality- Money is less of an issue for you when it comes to what is on the table.  This program is devoted to leading you to the highest quality, most health promoting foods in the world.

All three- This is the balance that this program ultimately seeks to provide. There is no need to focus on any one aspect at the detriment of the others. You will learn how to successfully achieve a cost effective, bounteous spread of the most healthful food for yourself and your family.


8.   In general, do you prefer a hot meal in the morning?

        Yes     No     Sometimes

Recognizing simple preferences allows you to leverage this program to provide both what you want and what you need.

If you answered:

Yes- Focus on the recipes and meal preparation tips that make preparing a nutritious hot breakfast as easy and efficient as possible. Time in the morning is pure gold, don’t waste it.

No- There are many perfect options that are quick, easy, and cold.  Don’t worry about breaking your routine by trying to cook in the morning.

Sometimes- Use every breakfast option available, they won’t let you down.


9.   In general, do you prefer a hot meal for lunch?

         Yes     No     Sometimes

Many people eat out for lunch because they prefer a hot lunch over a sandwich.

If you answered:

Yes- Be sure to follow the eating out guidelines, all those lunches add up. Also try planning your evening meals so they provide enough leftovers to pack and reheat.

No- You are happy with a sandwich or salad. Just watch out for starches and commercial dressings that are packed with rancid fats and chemical additives.

Sometimes- Take full advantage of eating out or packing your lunch, just make sure you follow the NRG guidelines.


10.  Circle the kitchen appliances you are most comfortable with using.

         Stove Top     Oven      Grill     Crock Pot     Mixer     Blender      Food Processor

Knowing where your comfort level lies with kitchen appliances and related cooking techniques will pay major dividends as you make dietary changes.  Use this information as you plan your recipes to avoid any potholes in the preparation process.

11.  Circle the phrase that best describes you in the kitchen.

        Boxed cereal and tv dinner   Can handle most recipes    Gourmet Chef    Who needs recipes

Last but not least, this fearless self assessment provides a realistic view of where are now and whether you can jump in head first or dip your toes in to check the temperature.  Becoming a gourmet chef is probably not on your bucket list but being proficient in the kitchen is definitely something you can write home about.  Use this program to build upon the skills you already have and remember that your health, your family and your future are in the balance.

Use this questionnaire to generate a snapshot of your attitudes and abilities in the kitchen.  This information will give you a realistic starting point as you begin to set goals and implement dietary changes.


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