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William Curtis, M.D.

NRG Tribe - Dr. William Curtis

As a native of Corpus Christi, Texas  I grew up scouting and participating in sports ranging from soccer, football,and track.  A standout prep-school student-athlete I earned a trip to the Texas state track & field competition as a sprinter.  I competed at national levels in AAU as well.  After high school I attended Baylor University (1991-1994) where I completed my pre-med studies with a BA in Biology while competing full time as a scholarship athlete in sprints and middle distances (400-800 Meters).  My years at Baylor led me to understand the importance of goal setting and allowed me to surround myself with individuals of the highest integrity, ability and determination.  The most important of these of course is my love, and wife, Kimberly.  Though so many could be named, those that epitomized the essence of seeking excellence included Coach Clyde Hart and Olympian teammate/coach Michael Johnson.

After Baylor, I attended medical school earning my MD in 1999 at University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio.  I had great instructors, mentors and enjoyed a diverse population of patients from which to learn and hone my diagnostic skills.  Blessed with good communication skills, and a strong general medical background, I decided to seek specialty training in Family Medicine.  I returned home from San Antonio to finish a 3 year residency in Family Medicine at the Corpus Christi Family Medicine Residency Program.  I had an intense three years with additional experience gathered while moonlighting as a ER physician, urgent care doctor and family practitioner.

During my first decade as private physician I worked as an ER physician, family practitioner, and began exploring nutritional and alternative philosophies to enhance my approach to patient care.  I worked as a team physician for several local high schools and lectured to track & field coaching organizations on sport-specific injuries and training philosophies. During this time, I also sought additional training in dermatology and cosmetic procedures all while founding Future Focus Family Medicine, a unique multi-disciplinary clinic integrating traditional western medicine with nutritional and wholistic therapies.  Working with nutritionists, chiropractors, herbalists, acupuncturists, and varied alternative healers opened my eyes to the fact that traditional medicine can only go so far.   The healing art has a large umbrella.  I have been honored to work with such a diverse team all dedicated to contributing their healing abilities to our Future Focus clients.

Currently, besides my clinical duties, I have also began serving as medical director for Bay, LTD, a large industrial construction company in Corpus Christi, where I am challenged to change corporate attitudes about health and fitness, illustrating the connection between employee lifestyle and how that translates into less injuries, less lost man hours, and greater safety.  I am excited by the opportunity to amplify my message beyond the single patient encounter.  I am excited that employers like Bay, LTD can envision more for their most prized resource, their employees.

I began blogging to share my common-sense insight with patients, friends, and community.  I enjoy exploring chronic medical conditions and searching for their common origins….usually nutritional and lifestyle choices.  The www.NRGTRIBE.com  was born to serve as a resource for all those interested in maximizing their vitality through goal setting, everyday fitness, and “real” nutrition.  It serves as a living resource and a point of reference for those attempting to “Bridge the gap” to better health.  My patients all know I believe health doesn’t come from a medicine bottle!

I spend my spare time ranching, coaching competitive youth soccer (Giraldo Elite Futbol), and enjoying the company of my wife and three wonderful daughters.  I enjoy raising my own livestock for both self-sufficiency and for the obvious benefit of consuming high quality, organically grown food.

My life is full, I had a mentor once comment to my staff during a nutritional seminar, “Look at this Curtis fellow, he and his wife are living 3 lives all at the same time!”  He didn’t realize how much I appreciated those words because he meant them as praise for our all out effort at business, life, and contribution.   The athlete in me acknowledges the personal integrity and simplicity of giving one’s all to a worthy race…

Welcome to the TRIBE!


David Francis

NRG Tribe - David FrancisHello, my name is David and I have seen the light! Carbs are bad, fat is good, and calories don’t matter.  The coolest part about eating this way is the fact that I NEVER GET HUNGRY. I’m serious! Keeping carbs low and eating plenty of fat and protein at each meal keeps my energy up and my hunger down.  And the easiest way to do this is by focusing on eating real food. I’ll admit that the transition has been a pretty easy one for me because I never fully bought in to the food guide pyramid/low fat dogma that I was taught in school (kindergarten through college). I was primed and ready to receive the whole truth and nothing but the truth when I was introduced to Dr’s William Curtis and John Sullivan back in 2009.


Since then I have embarked on my own journey of learning and experimentation in the world of “whole food nutrition”.  I’ve learned that there are certain physiological facts that absolutely dictate our body composition, mood status, energy levels and overall health and that we can control all of these things simply by adjusting what we eat. I’ve also learned that conventional medicine and nutrition don’t typically follow or apply those physiological facts in their application of treatment. I’ve learned that high quality, properly prescribed nutritional supplements are the world most misunderstood and massively underutilized secret weapon of optimal health.


I’ve realized that making the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to boost energy, burn fat and stay healthy is a bona-fide challenge in our current super processed, over medicated culture and requires us to swim against the current at times. But overall, I’ve found that working to bring people along the path of healing is an amazingly rewarding experience. I am proud to be working along side such wonderful and caring people and hope that together we can bring our message to as many people as possible.


I just turned 30 and I currently reside in the beautiful gulf coast town of Corpus Christi, TX. Having grown up in Austin, I’ve developed a great love of the outdoors.  When I was young, on any given summer day I could be found fishing, wakeboarding, trail running, mountain biking, road cycling, or camping.  I played football for nine years and owned a red Camaro in high school (traded in for a more family friendly car now) After graduating high school I spent 2 years “abroad” in the great state of Utah as a Mormon missionary and then came back to Austin to go to school. Since then I’ve graduated from the University of Texas with a degree in Nutritional Science, gotten married my lovely wife Christy and have 2 beautiful children Claire and James.

Chris Story

The NRG Tribe - Chris Story

I assure you, I am one of the most unique individuals you will ever meet. I am the youngest of 6 children. The sibling closest to me in age is 10 years older than me. My father was a United States Marine during the Korean War. A hero in every sense of the word and the greatest person I have ever known. I was born near Atlanta, GA but lived most of my life in South Texas…therefore I am a TEXAN!


Between high school and when I received my bachelors degree, I had numerous, interesting, strenuous, and sometimes ODD jobs. I worked at a fast food restaurant as a cook and kids birthday party host, washed cars, worked at a department store, did agricultural research experiments at a major university, labored in a petrochemical refinery, read meters for the city (and ran from pit bulls), worked at a meat packing plant, and eventually managed a successful business for 6 years.


After all of that, I did the next “logical” thing…became an Officer in the United States Marine Corps in October 2001. A great adventure that has allowed me to meet, interact, and help people from all over the world while at the same time having a plan to kill each and every one of them (small joke). I have been stationed in Quantico, VA, Kaneohe Bay, HI, Fort Worth, TX, Quantico again, and Newport, RI. I am a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.


I married my first, and hopefully only, wife Sharon in December of 2001. We have 3 beautiful gifts from God named Anna Michelle (5), Abigail Renee (3), and Michael Ellison (8 months). Anna is a tall, wiry, competitive pre-schooler that will take you out if she has the chance. Abbey is average height, stocky but lean, and is the absolute sweetest soul that I have ever experienced. Michael is just BIG in every way, born 10 pounds and continues on the 85/85 height/weight % charts. He seems to be 150% BOY, running over or through things in his walker, grunting, and launching plates off the table when he has a chance. Being a father has redefined who I am, and I will always be a better person because of it.


I am a lifelong competitive athlete whose drive has continued into my near middle aged years. Besides the considerable physical training standards and requirements of the Marine Corps, I have completed a full marathon (26.2 miles) each of the last 6 years. I do various races throughout the year and recently completed the Boston Athletic Association’s Distance Medley of races, finishing 109 out of only 464 people who completed all Medley races in 2012. My biggest coaching accomplishment has been to lead a group of overweight people who could barely run a couple miles, to their goal of completing an injury free marathon in just 4 months.


I’m an NRG Tribe contributor and member because I have a passion for functional fitness and a lifestyle that allows us to BE PREPARED FOR LIFE and live it more abundantly! I want to help everyone in The Tribe become an Everyday Athlete!