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Stress: Helpful Links to Avoid a Silent Killer

Links on Stress / Stress Awareness

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Stress Defined

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Purposeful Rest

Top Ten Recommendations for Stress Reduction

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Lowering Stress Through Diet


I often get asked how “Stress” affects health and what people can do to decrease the effect.  First off, good and bad stress exist.  Good stress includes exercise and periodic work sprints towards worthy goals. Stress becomes bad when we ignore need for rest or expose ourselves for extended periods of time.

Avoiding all stress isn’t the goal.  Stress is part of life and helps us grow, change, and excel.

Ignoring the effects of stress decreases cognition, mood, energy, creativity, and general health. Prolonged stress will kill you.

I am attaching some historic posts on this topic.  Feel free to leave questions or comments.

Share with others if you believe stress has seriously affected their life.

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