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Workplace Conflict: Hazards of Stress

Podcast #5 seeks to explore workplace conflict.  As many of you can attest, workplace conflict leads to numerous stress related problems.

Workplace conflict and associated stress is common and a huge trigger for health problems I treat everyday.

As you listen to this important exploration of workplace conflict and stress, I hope you’ll follow links below.  I’m linking key references to help you explore what you can do about workplace conflict /stress!

PODCAST # 5 Workplace conflict: Hazards of Stress (11 min)


Show Notes:

1.  How prevalent is workplace conflict

2.  Workplace conflict and it’s effect on work and the individual

3.  Unhealthly protracted workplace conflict = stress

4.  Stress = Disease


Links mentioned and resources:


Workplace Conflict Report July 2008

What is Stress?

Tribal Tips for Stress Reduction



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