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What is a H.O.S.S. ?

HOSSUnless you have been hiding under a rock, or possibly very young, then you have probably heard the name Hoss thrown around. You may not completely know the origin so here I go…A popular western TV show called Bonanza ran from 1959-1973 and was one of the most popular TV shows of all time that still runs in syndication. One of the main characters, Eric “Hoss” Cartwright, was a six foot four and over three hundred pound beast of a man. His larger than life appearance and pop culture poplularity of the show made the name Hoss synonymous with everything cool/large/manly, etc. The urban dictionary defines HOSS as, “one who is a beast that can basically do what he wants. He is usually loved by all and a ladies man. He could break anyone or anything in half. Hoss is a compliment.”


I am lucky enough in my military job to be surrounded by Hosses everywhere and be exposed to stories of extreme Hossitude! So I am going to start posting a challenging weekly workout named after a specific military, law enforcement, or civilian Hoss to inspire us with their story…and since we love acronyms in the military, H.O.S.S. will stand for Honor Our Service and Sacrifice. Tribe input and suggestions are strongly encouraged, so I will accept nominations for HOSS of the week if anyone has ideas.

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  • William Curtis February 21, 2013, 3:30 pm

    Love the concept Chris. I look forward to the first HOSS workout.

    Chris Kyle deserves the honor of a spot as a HOSS namesake. Hope you’ll consider his nomination for one of your weekly workouts.

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