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Sleep: Immunity, cancer prevention, and hormone repair

Sleep–Necessary for Health

“Even a soul submerged in sleep is hard at work and helps

make something of the world.”

― Heraclitus, Fragments

I am convinced sleep is part of a triad of health. Without nutrition, exercise, and sleep, health cannot grow.

This video has simple, practical, and applicable information and steps to improve sleep!

Topics Covered

  • Why sleep is important
  • How Sleep affects health
  • Sleep deprivation is the same as being drunk
  • Quality sleep lowers injuries in athletes
  • Improves performance and reflexes
  • Testosterone lower in men who do not sleep
  • Heart disease risks
  • Diabetic control worsens if with poor sleep
  • Employee Productivity falls, accidents increase
  • Facts about sleeping pills
  • Science driven solutions for insomnia

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COVID 19 Update: What are you doing with MARGIN?

“You must create more margin so you have room for what’s important, not merely urgent.”

Michael Hyatt
Listen HERE

Margin is this time, and mental head-space needed to look up from day to day activities and understand where we are, what our real priorities are, and assess the course of our lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of that for us lately…

Listen in on this important reminder to use margin, build margin and maintain margin.

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COVID 19 Update: Supplements that Help Boost Immunity

William Curtis, MD
Covid 19 MO

Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live.

Dorothy Thompson

I was recently asked which supplement I thought might be most beneficial for boosting immunity and preparing to fight viral illnesses during the recent COVID 19 Pandemic.

So often, I believe people get overwhelmed by differing opinions–take this take that.

This post represents my attempt at helping people who trust my opinion to prepare themselves.

Though I will discuss supplements, let us not forget how the human body builds immunity, repairs, and rejuvenates itself


Research is very clear, 7-9 hours of sleep is essential. Anything less and inflammation, immune function, cancer prevention, stress, and hormone balance decline. Please, turn off cell phones, TV’s, media fast, and give yourself the opportunity to take the important step of allowing yourself 7-9 hours of uninterrupted sleep.


Sugar, Soda, Alcohol, fruit juice, pastries, candy and all forms of processed, carbohydrate laden foods suppress immunity. Give your body the best chance against viruses by limiting these addictive and harmful foods. As best as you can, eat vegetables, meat, and good fats. These are the foods that help us repair, defend, and win against outside bodily invaders. A strong immunity requires minerals, vitamins, proteins, and good fats.


Movement and exercise have shown to have massive influence on heart disease, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and yes immune function. Regular aerobic exercise is fundamental to keeping our immunity maximal. During this pandemic, consider walking or light calisthenics 5-6 x per week. Do what you can, where you are, with what you have. Remember any physical activity helps. Sedentary people get sick more, have more chronic ailments and die more frequently. Get Moving!


First, I tend to recommend food based supplements. Better yet, get most of your vitamins from food if you can. But, circumstances may limit access to quality food.

I recommend, in order of importance, the following supplements to help prevent illness during flu season and to prevent or reduce effects of COVID-19

Each of these have a therapeutic rationale for improving health, thereby boosting bodily immunity.


When in doubt, take a quality food based multi-vitamin. These were designed to fill in the gaps in the modern diet. My favorite is CATALYN. Made by Standard Process, I typically recommend this product to everyone. I normally recommend 3-6 tablets daily.


“Good Bacteria” serve as the first line of defense in our body. A tiny layer of bacteria live in the lining of our digestive tract. Introducing probiotics builds a healthy layer of defense against outside invaders. Combined with a health diet, may be the most powerful way to fight outside invaders.

My favorite pro-biotic, though there are many high quality pro-biotics, is ACIDOPHILUS 4×6 Billion, made by NOW PRODUCTS. I normally recommend 1-2 daily.


This key mineral shortens the course of viral illnesses and helps prevent them. This is especially true when taken within 24 hours of the onset of a virus (Like COVID 19). This is a Category A recommendation based on 13 randomized controlled trials. It works, use it.

Personally I prefer ZINC LIVER CHELATE (Food based version of zinc from Standard Process) 3 daily recommended


Do the little things– they matter.

Maintain a positive attitude.

Maintain social-distancing until we receive the all clear.

Protect and support older friends and family.

Do with less, serve others and we shall all get through this situation.

IF you would like more information or my team to mail you the supplements suggested, call 361-387-3500.


Q&A Session

Recently I put an open call-out on the NRGTRIBE.com Facebook Page looking for YOUR questions! This post is part one of the two-part series to get your questions answered. As you listen, check out the show notes for any special links I mentioned, supplements or reference sites.

Push Play and Let the Learning Begin

Show Notes

In this post, I cover the following topics

  • Thyroid Health (@2min)
  • How Thyroid Health & Adrenal Health tie together (@5min)
  • What to do to prevent or treat early Alzheimer’s disease (@13min)
  • Keto diet vs Paleo Diet: Which is more sustainable? (@20min)
  • Supplements: How many are too many? (@23min)

Links Mentioned

Wcurtismdonline.com (Killing Diabetes Course)


Stress & Health

Supplements Mentioned

Symplex M/F, Thyroid Complex, Prolamine, Cod liver oil

Medications Mentioned

Aricept, Namenda

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

–Kofi Annan


5 Best Exercises


Yoga is an exercise form from the ancient healing activity from the Ayurvedic healing tradition. Yoga combines movement with mindfulness, breath work, and flexibility. A person who practices yoga regularly gains strength, mobility, mental and emotional clarity. With rare exception, anyone can practice Yoga.

It doesn’t require a gym membership or any fancy equipment.

Working with a group on Yoga can provide friendship and support, a valuable connection vital to basic human need.

Practically speaking, Yoga has no requirement to compete or best someone externally.  One only need to focus inward, striving to clear the mind, strengthen the spirit and body.

Functionally,  Yoga can range from exercise that mimics stretching to a dynamic complex fitness artform.   Each person determines how far they go based on their experience, ability, and consistent practice.

Lastly, research supports the benefits of Yoga.

See the following articles:

As a modern doctor, trained in traditional western medicine, I have discovered in my 20 years of practice, most diseases had a cure long before I diagnosed it.

No pill, procedure, or surgical intervention can replace what proper diet and time-honored movement therapy can do for prevention.  Yoga is a great exercise option for those looking for challenging but attainable.  It’s great for improving mindset, reducing stress, building strength, and improving mobility.

Weight Training

Weight training has a mountain of research that supports health.  Resistance training in the form of moving weights or resistance to build muscular strength serves many important purposes.

For athletes, resistance or weight training combined with functional movements common to any given sport can improve performance and decrease injury risk.

To age well, developing or maintaining strength helps prevent falls, weak bones, balance problems, and low energy.   In addition, studies suggest weight training serves as one of the best forms of exercise for losing weight.

Generally speaking, if you seek better health, longevity, mobility, and frankly the ability to move heavy things without injury, you should consider adding weight training to your life several days a week.

You don’t need a fancy gym.  A basic dumbbell set, resistance bands, or a kettlebell can put you on the right track.  Scan YOUTUBE for routines that fit.  Think about movements that mimic real life.  (Carrying things, squatting, bending, sitting up, lunging, sidestepping, etc.)  Adding weights to activities that resemble real life will yield measurable benefits.

Healthy Aging, fall prevention, injury prevention, everyday athlete


Easy, low impact and inexpensive.  Walking provides a basic level of exercise that can begin to improve fitness, mobility, and strength.  Nearly anyone can start with walking.

In addition, walking provides a flexible routine which we can increase or decrease depending on ability.  We can vary the route, distance, incline and multiple other variables for those who like variety or require more or less intensity.

Walking or hiking also serves as a social event.  Lower intensity generally means we can still chat with friends while getting our steps. Combining social engagement with physical activity increases commitment and accountability.

When working with people coming from a completely sedentary background walks or daily hikes are a favorite recommendation.

4-5 days weekly 30-45 minutes serves as a good first goal.


Bicycling serves as another great form of exercise.  Cycling has some unique benefits.  Cycling relies heavily on strength in the lower legs as well as heart and lung ability.   Cycling is a low impact sport with regards to knees and joints.

Cycling requires equipment.  A bike and helmet are a must to get started.  Additionally, a safe route free of heavy or dangerous automobile traffic is an added requirement.  Personally, I prefer riding in parks or areas that have proper bike lanes and lower traffic volume.

Much like walking, with cycling one can vary intensity dramatically.  Cycling can vary from low intensity, relaxing pace to a grueling time trial.  Hills, wind, temperature, and mechanical gearing all play a role in the variety a cyclist can experience.

Many who have suffered from knee issues cannot tolerate running or pounding on their joints.   Cycling provides a viable alternative.

If road cycling does not sound appealing, remember we can gain the same benefits by using a stationary bike or recumbent bicycle.


Swimming has many unique qualities.  Swimming uses your entire body.  Mobility, flexibility, breath control, upper and lower body strength all play vital roles in this form of exercise.

Of course, swimming requires a safe place to swim.  For most, a community pool or gym may offer the best opportunity to add swimming to your regimen.  I love recommending pool activities due to the very limited impact on joints or spine issues.

Even if you have shoulder issues, neck issues, or lower back problems, swimming or simply pool exercises (Zumba, Kick boarding, aerobics, walking in water) work for nearly anyone.

Sometimes I see patients that suffer from extreme weight issues that make every step painful.   Pool activities provide a real solution for those trying to make progress, improve mobility and reclaim their health.


When it comes to exercise, a mountain of research links health to regular physical activity.  Ignoring this research limits longevity, mobility, strength, balance, and even neurologic health.

In my clinical experience, people who do not exercise suffer more health problems, pay for more medications and generally experience a more limited scope of activities and opportunities.

The activities listed in this article represent a few basic forms.

Try one.

Try multiple, combine them and rotate them if you prefer.

Do something and do it most days of the week.

Bring a friend, your kids, a spouse or co-worker.

I have often observed, changing sedentary behaviors promotes other healthy habits.  I often find my patients struggle less with proper dietary habits when they maintain a habit of fitness.  I have even seen smokers quit more easily after starting an exercise routine.

What more on exercise?  Link Here

I look forward to hearing about your progress.  Please share other forms of exercise you use and prefer in the comments below!