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Nutrition to Combat Covid 19


For well over one year Covid 19 has dominated the news around the globe.

Millions of people’s lives have been disrupted by government imposed restrictions on travel, social gatherings and quarantine related rules.

We frequently hear about vaccines, medications, treatment protocols and next wave predications. However, one thing that I doesn’t get mentioned enough is the fact that pre-existing health conditions, age, and poor general health lead to most of the deaths with COVID 19.

Clearly age and metabolic diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes, Hypertension, Coronary Artery Disease, and basic obesity rank highest among the risks for serious infection with COVID 19.


Besides vaccines, medications, and quarantine, I believe the world-wide messaging should focus on improving overall health.

Why not start discussing the PANDEMIC OF METABOLIC DISEASE?

If metabolic diseases impair immunity so severely, why not empower people with the knowledge needed to reverse or improve these conditions?

I have long taught the value of reversing these conditions with attention to lowering Insulin requirements.

Insulin of course is triggered by specific diets rich in sugar, processed food, and carbohydrates.

High insulin triggers obesity, fatty liver, triglyceride elevation, weight gain, and diabetes.

The real problem is not covid 19, but rather general poor health.

Covid 19 is serious and has been devastating and I take nothing from those who have lost family or loved ones.

Moving forward, I suggest we teach and encourage the value of proper diet, physical exercise, sunshine, sleep, and stress reduction. These factors create a huge, cost-effective, and immune-boosting effect.

Let’s band together, educate each other, and encourage lifestyles of fitness, proper nutrition, and proper rest.

Vaccines, medications, and quarantines may help stem the tide and protect many at risk from COVID 19. I take nothing away from those efforts or interventions.

Let’s do more. Let’s improve and not accept the risks of metabolic disease.

After all, over the years, metabolic disease has killed way more people than COVID 19. Metabolic diseases are still out there and most are preventable.

If you are interested in learning about healthy nutrition, check out the class links below and some of the podcast episodes I created dedicated to this topic.

Health Nutrition Course–Clear and Simple. Nutrition that works for everyone.

Killing Diabetes–Nutrition and Lifestyle Course, teaching how to reverse Type 2 Diabetes.

Podcast Episodes of Interest


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