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NRG Your Diet and Lifestyle Compass

This is not your typical diet program where I tell you what to eat and what not to eat.

I recognize that there is so much more to actually making the changes necessary to see real results.  

If losing weight or controlling your cholesterol were easy then nobody would need help!

However, I find that focusing efforts on the most important factors for health leads to long term results.

This program is the distillation of years of research, clinical experience and personal application. I have used these principles in our clinic (www.futurefocusmd.com) and have seen phenomenal results.  

The NRG DIET & LIFESTYLE COMPASS is  a health building program, encouraging natural foods, quality whole food nutritional supplements and stress recognition to help you restore and maintain optimal health.


The NRG DIET & LIFESTYLE COMPASS serves as a primer while the NRGTRIBE.com is a living community for discussion and dissimination of this important message.

Focusing on what matters can eliminate the need for ever increasing prescriptions, doctors visits, and accumulation of ailments.



1. Eliminate refined foods

2. Incorporate real and unprocessed foods.

The primary goal of the diet portion of the program is to stem the tide of processed carbohydrates and refined junk foods that have become daily staples for most people. These foods wreak havoc on your blood sugar levels which causes all kinds of problems.  As your blood sugar levels stabilize, it allows your hormones to begin to re-balance and fat loss and increased energy are the typical result.

Overall this diet falls into a lower-carb, primal, style diet.  The diet portion clearly outlines the relationship between food & health.

Nutritional Supplements:

Nutrition always comes first however in today’s modern diet, vitamin and mineral deficiencies are rampant.  As a physician I frequently identify over-weight yet malnourished patients.  Processed, nutritionally empty, junk food calories not only fail to provide needed vitamins & minerals, but sometimes rob our body of the same vital materials. 

Modern agriculture and animal production produces hormone & pesticide laden food.  The food produced in organically deficient soil produces tasteless, deficient food.  

This section of the NRG DIET & LIFESTYLE COMPASS discusses the rationales for usage of whole food supplementation as part of the strategy for healing and restoration of health.  The point is not to find supplements to take indefinetly but to improve nutrition enough so quality food and nutritional habits replace the requirement for supplementation.  

Lifestyle Management:

Stress kills, literally and must be taken seriously, Whatever your health and wellness goals, stress must be addressed if you are serious about them.  There are three primary components of our plan to help you deal with stress.

  • The first is exercise, which when utilized properly will help you burn off stress hormones and re-balance your system naturally.
  • The second is learning to deal with difficult situations appropriately on a psychological level. You have to get your mind right.
  • And the third is acknowledging the presence of the spiritual component of life.  Health and well being depend on finding the right balance to help you manage your stress.

Together, these three primary components: Diet, Supplements and Lifestyle management make up THE NRG DIET & LIFESTYLE COMPASS.

We have published the manual to give you the basic info and how to’s to learn and apply the principles.  But actually applying them is a totally different story. Like we found with our patients, just handing out a copy of the book works for some people but definitely not all. Most of us need more interaction and accountability to make positive commitments and actually keep them.

The NRGTRIBE.com provides a support mechanism to help you fully apply the life changing principles contained in the book.  

I hope you will study and share the NRG DIET & LIFESTYLE COMPASS and utilize my expertise and that of the community that makes up the NRGTRIBE.com.