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What you need to Know about Fatty Liver

At least 10 times a day I either diagnose a patient or review a chart of a patient that has developed a Fatty liver.  In fact, Fatty liver appears an epidemic in my estimation. [continue reading…]


Flu or No Flu?: Tips for Influenza Recognition

Every year during cold and flu season patients are faced with trying to determine if they have influenza or a common cold.

This video helps distinguish a few of those features.

Key Features:

1)Fever –Typically > 101
2)Body Aches/Headache
3)Dry cough
4)Rapid Onset

Other subtle findings that can help decide flu vs no flu:
3)Rapid heart rate (Typically > 100)

Common cold:

Typically less severe, fevers/body aches minimal

As always get checked out.
Flu tests are not perfect. Just because a test is negative doesn’t mean one doesn’t 100% have the flu

Flu shots are not 100% effective at preventing Influenza

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W Curtis, MD


Holiday Nutrition–How Not to Fall off the Wagon

With the holiday season rapidly approaching, I shot a quick video discussing the holiday habits to watch out for.  For those of you making progress, losing weight, improving diabetic control, or just eliminating bad dietary habits–this video is for you.


Causes of Fatigue (Part 2)

As promised, here is the second installment exploring the causes, workups and treatments for fatigue.  In case you missed the first in the series, click here to review part one where I review common workups and tips for talking with your doctor about fatigue.

In this video I will explore common mental causes of fatigue and associated solutions.

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Exploring Fatigue (Part 1)

This short video outlines the problem of FATIGUE. I intend to have 2-3 parts to this exploring the various facets of this common physical complaint.  If you suffer from less energy than you desire, this video helps explain basic causes and explores areas you should explore with your doctor to regain that energy.


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