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COVID 19 Update: Prevention, Treatment, and Budesonide

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5 Best Exercises


Yoga is an exercise form from the ancient healing activity from the Ayurvedic healing tradition. Yoga combines movement with mindfulness, breathwork, and flexibility. A person who practices yoga regularly gains strength, mobility, mental and emotional clarity. With rare exceptions, anyone can practice Yoga.

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Health-Related Interviews

Over the last year, I have neglected to add health-related content to the NRGTRIBE.com site. I turned much of my attention and effort into creating content on the WFOLIFEPODCAST.com.

Fortunately, much of the content on the NGRTRIBE.com stands the test of time. Rarely, do I create content that changes or loses impact over time.

That said, I wanted to make sure followers of the NRGTRIBE.com know where to find my most recent health, fitness, and human performance content.

In this quick post, I will share 3 interviews I did with Dr. John Sullivan on various health topics.

Interview: Dr. John Sullivan, The Case For Food AS Medicine

Interview: Dr. John Sullivan, Natural Approaches to Thyroid Health

Interview: Dr. John Sullivan, Nutrition for a Strong Heart

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William G Curtis, MD


COVID 19 Update 6/26/2020: Limited Outpatient Testing


Episode Details

Dr. Curtis updates the community on shortages of outpatient testing for COVID 19.

He also provides some practical thoughts on what to do when testing is not available and reasonable steps to take for clinical diagnosis of COVID 19

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COVID 19 Update: Thoughts on the Second Wave

William Curtis, MD

Episode Highlights:

In this short podcast, Dr. Curtis shares his insights and experience treating COVID-19 cases in the recent second wave of community spread.

In this episode, you will hear practical discussion and rationale thoughts on what you can and can’t do about the spread of Covid-19.

In the closing minutes, Dr. Curtis also answers questions submitted by folks in the Future Focus Health Network.

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