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Health-Related Interviews

Over the last year, I have neglected to add health-related content to the NRGTRIBE.com site. I turned much of my attention and effort into creating content on the WFOLIFEPODCAST.com.

Fortunately, much of the content on the NGRTRIBE.com stands the test of time. Rarely, do I create content that changes or loses impact over time.

That said, I wanted to make sure followers of the NRGTRIBE.com know where to find my most recent health, fitness, and human performance content.

In this quick post, I will share 3 interviews I did with Dr. John Sullivan on various health topics.

Interview: Dr. John Sullivan, The Case For Food AS Medicine

Interview: Dr. John Sullivan, Natural Approaches to Thyroid Health

Interview: Dr. John Sullivan, Nutrition for a Strong Heart

I would love to hear feedback on these episodes!

If you would like to discuss in greater detail, I welcome you to sign up for the WFOLIFEPODCAST or even better, chat with me directly on the

Future Focus Health Network!

I always welcome questions and suggestions for topics.

All the Best!

William G Curtis, MD

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