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CSA General Policies and Conditions

Registration and payment for a CSA share (half or full) constitutes acceptance and agreement to these terms.

Participating in the Future Focus CSA program is a way to appreciate locally and sustainably grown meat and produce and ensure that it remains available to the community.

A Vegetable Share will consist of a variety of vegetables and herbs grown one of several area farms and will change on a weekly basis. One Vegetable Share will supply a family of 2-4 fresh produce for a week, depending on your eating habits.

A Chicken Share will consist of 4 processed chickens weighing anywhere from 4 lb  up to 6 lb.  One share will supply a family of 2-4 poultry for a month, depending on your eating habits.

CSA shareholders must understand that they are sharing the bounty as well as the risk associated with the unpredictable nature of farming. By providing payment for a full or half share, purchasers agree to the refund policy below.

In summary, there are no refunds of the Future Focus CSA, even in the event of a complete or partial crop failure or herd failure. 

CSA shareholders understand they are supporting local farmers through their CSA membership.

Registration and Payment

Each CSA share will have a designated start and end period as determined periodically by Future Focus and the local farmers.

  • Each Vegetable Share costs $350 ($25 per week) for the entire
  • Vegetable Half Shares (with a pickup every other week) can be purchased for $200.


Registration for the 2016 CSA is on a first come, first serve basis. Weekly Shares may be available and will be on a first come, first serve basis as the season progresses.


  • Chicken Share costs are $60 for the specific Batch. (Share = 4 x 4-6 lb chickens)


Processing and pick up dates will be adjusted based on chick delivery and growth rates for each batch.  We anticipate monthly batches from April through November.


Weekly Shares may be available and will be on a first come, first serve basis as the season progresses.

Share Pick Ups

It is the shareholder’s responsibility to pick up their share on Wednesday of the week they are delivered. Shareholders cannot switch pickup weeks/days during the season. A representative may come pick up a share for a shareholder. If a share is not picked up during the designated time slot, Future Focus assumes that as consent to have the share donated to the community.

Refund Policy

Future Focus Farms does not offer refunds for shares under any circumstances. If for any reason, the shareholder is unable to continue with the CSA, they will either donate their share back to Future Focus or find a friend to buy out the share. In the case of a buyout, the shareholder is responsible for handling all agreements and cash transactions on their own, and must notify Future Focus in writing of a name and personal information change for the share. The buyout shareholder must be able to pick up at the location where the original share was designated.

Please direct questions and concerns to Wes Burns at wburns@futurefocusmd.com.


I have read and understand the CSA terms and conditions.


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