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Future Focus CSA (Chicken Shares–FAQ)

Chicken Broiler Shares – FAQ

Q:  When will the CSA begin?

AThe CSA will operate monthly starting in April 2016 with the last monthly order being closed around the middle to end of October (for December delivery).  They are sold in batches.

Q:  Where do the chickens come from?

A:  The chickens are all raised on our farm that is just about 20min North of Calallen.

Q:  What breed are the chickens?

A:   Rainbow Rangers

Q:  How many chickens can I purchase?

A:  A typical share is 4 chickens.  You can purchase as many shares as you would like in whole or half share increments.

Q:  When and where do I pick up my share(s)?

A:  Shares will be available monthly starting in April.  Share owners will be notified a week or two ahead of time when the chickens will be processed and available for pickup.  Shares can be picked up at Future Focus Family Medicine (3945 IH 69 Access Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78410).

Q:  What if something comes up OR I am not able to pick my share up when I’m supposed to?

A:  You can send someone else in your place, but you will need to call ahead and let us know.  We have some flexibility for other arrangements. 

Q:  Can I split a whole share with someone else?

A:  Once you purchase a share, you are free to split/share it with whomever you wish.  However, we ask that only one person be responsible for picking up the share each week. 

Q:  Can I pay as I go?

A:  The Chicken CSA is set up on a month to month basis.  For each month you join the CSA you purchase the number of shares you want to receive.  There is no requirement to purchase additional monthly shares.  However, our monthly chicken population will be based on the number of shares purchased.  If you do not purchase shares by the monthly close date, you will not be able to purchase a share for that month, and you may have to wait up to 10 weeks before you are able to receive a purchased share. 

Q:  Do I have to rejoin the CSA each month?

A:  If you are interested in being in the CSA more than just one month, contact us and we will put you down for the months that you want to participate in. 

Q:  Who do I contact for more information or if I have a problem?

A:  Our CSA manager is Wes Burns.  He can be reached at 361-387-3500 or it is probably better to email him at wburns@futurefocusmd.com.