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How You Can Achieve Diabetic Remission

Mainstream thought on diabetes centers on “Management” not “Cure.”  I frequently use the term “Diabetic Remission” to describe Type II Diabetics off medication, losing weight, with normalized average blood sugars.

My clinical team and I have experience working with patients to achieve this result.

I’ve had great debates with colleagues about the concept of “Remission.”

Other doctors often argue, “Diabetes is genetic–You can’t cure it!”

Personally I’ve seen too many patients make the necessary lifestyle, nutrition and fitness changes required to change their baseline genetic expression.

No it’s not as easy as popping a pill but genetic expression can change.

I’m going to link some of my most important articles for Diabetics in one place.  Many are intended to motivate you, others are more instructive.  I welcome feedback and questions.

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