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Q&A Session

Recently I put an open call-out on the NRGTRIBE.com Facebook Page looking for YOUR questions! This post is part one of the two-part series to get your questions answered. As you listen, check out the show notes for any special links I mentioned, supplements or reference sites.

Push Play and Let the Learning Begin

Show Notes

In this post, I cover the following topics

  • Thyroid Health (@2min)
  • How Thyroid Health & Adrenal Health tie together (@5min)
  • What to do to prevent or treat early Alzheimer’s disease (@13min)
  • Keto diet vs Paleo Diet: Which is more sustainable? (@20min)
  • Supplements: How many are too many? (@23min)

Links Mentioned

Wcurtismdonline.com (Killing Diabetes Course)


Stress & Health

Supplements Mentioned

Symplex M/F, Thyroid Complex, Prolamine, Cod liver oil

Medications Mentioned

Aricept, Namenda

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.

–Kofi Annan