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Type 2 Diabetes Informational Series

Common sense tells anyone, taking medication doesn’t slow or cure Type 2 Diabetes.

Long term oral medications lead to insulin.  High insulin leads to weight gain and worse diabetes.

What gives?

The problem is traditional therapies ignore the major reasons Type 2 Diabetes begins.  I have prepared some information for those of you interested in different choices that can lead to elimination of T2DM.

This mailer may be for you IF:

  • You want to understand the actual cause of diabetes
  • You want to take less medications
  • You want to learn how nutrition affects Diabetics
  • You want to learn how lifestyle can improve Diabetes

Office visits only allow so much time to cover the needed information!

What you will receive?

A short series of emails each outlining a basic premise of diabetic care.  Each email will give you links to important diabetic related topics, videos, and audio podcasts designed to encourage, instruct, and empower you to take control over your health.