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5-Point Friday Sept. 11th, 2015

Happy Friday, I’m trying a new weekly format.  I hope you enjoy.

I hope you’ll take a moment to remember those lost on 9/11/2001 and those lost battling evil in the world…

1)Positive Thought: It’s Friday…Get ‘ER Done!

2)Food News: We have locally grown honey available in clinic! Future Focus Family Medicine is now sourcing locally grown foods in our boutique. Sugar is used in limitation, but if you’re going to use a sweetener, locally grown honey is a quality choice (in moderation–Poo Bears).  This addition marks another step in our integrating the practice of medicine with local food supplies.  You are what you eat!

3)A Year Ago: About this time last year I was writing about the psychology of competitive Sports. Try sharing this link with the athlete in your family! https://nrgtribe.com/sports-performance/

4)What I’m reading: Food, Inc—This is a disturbing book that screams for change in our food industry. This book (And Netflix documentary) will change how you view food forever.

5)Health Nugget: According to the CDC, 33% of children born in 2000 will develop Type 2 Diabetes due to poor diet and lack of physical exercise. This changes at home

As always, please let me know your requests and suggestions on Twitter!  What do you want more or less of? Just send to tweet to @nrgtribe put #5PointFriday so I can find it.

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful weekend!

W. Curtis, MD

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