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Are Mental ANTS Ruining Your Life?



I can’t do that…
I’m never any good….
I always get things wrong…
I can’t…
Things never work for me….
I’m dumb…
I’m too old…
Just quit….
I’ll never be a success…
I’ll never lose weight….
I can’t control myself…
I’m always sick…

These are just a few examples of the many of mental ANTs.

ANTs = Automatic Negative Thoughts.

ANTS are destructive, unproductive and probably one of the number one reasons people fail before they begin.

Whether you trying to lose weight, get in shape, find a job, go back to school, or improve your relationships, start by eliminating ANTs.

ANT’s are removed by 1st identifying ANT’s when they pop out verbally or silently in your head. Many people are surprised how often Automatic Negative Thoughts surface.

Replace ANT’s with positive mantras, meditations, prayers, or encouraging words.

As an exercise, change all ANT’s to the positive. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.

With a bit of practice you will both quickly identify and replace ANT’s as they arise. In my clinical experience this cognitive behavioral exercise can change automatic thoughts.

Automatic thoughts then become more positive. Positive thoughts turn into positive actions. Positive actions become positive outcomes.

Don’t let ANTs ruin your life.

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