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The Case Against Statin Drugs



Statin drugs have long received press suggesting benefit in the prevention of heart disease based on the premise that lowering cholesterol improves risks for heart attacks.

In recent years this Lipid Hypothesis related argument has come under increasing scrutiny due to the fact that cholesterol serves so many important functions in our body.  This post simply serves as a reference point for those interested in learning about the true relationship between cholesterol and the human body.

I will periodically update this post to include the most relevant links so check back and feel free to suggest a link depending on what you find “out there.”

1 Minute 17 sec summary of the problem with Cholesterol Causing HEART DISEASE

Statin Drugs Are a Fraud

Graph of Obesity Trends Since Low Cholesterol Diet Recommended

Dr Mercola on Cholesterol & Statin Drugs

Heart Specialist Speaks Out

 Are Statin Drugs Killing Me?

Dr Sinatra Post on Cholesterol NOT Causing CAD

Dr Bowden on Cholesterol


Don’t let your friends or family continue taking these medications without reviewing these and the many additional arguments against the continued habit of “Treating Cholesterol” in the hopes of preventing heart disease.


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