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Diet Sodas Good or Bad?

Everyday I answer the question, “Can I drink diet sodas?”

My answer is usually, “Sure, but drinking diet soda has several ways it can affect your health.”

First, multiple studies show how artificial sweeteners affect blood chemistry in diabetics. Most studies suggest higher blood sugar averages, faster weight gain, difficulty with weight loss, as compared to non-soda/diet-soda drinkers.  (See 5-point Friday Oct 9th, 2015)

Who wants that?

Most of us want to feel good and “look good!”

Why consume something that aggravates obesity or risk for developing diabetes?

Second issue with diet sodas, most are sweetened with aspartame. This product has neurotoxic effects and addictive properties.

At first I was surprised when patients got upset when I suggested they stop drink their diet soda!

Now I understand the psychiatric and psychologic dependency these chemically laden foods can produce.

Ultimately each person must decide for themselves. My clinical experience suggest many would do better to avoid sodas/diet sodas all together.

Comments? Weigh in on this one…it gets asked so many times…let’s get all your questions answered!

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