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Healthy Paradigm Shift for Permanent Health Change

Recently I’ve given a lot of thought to the process of change or healthy paradigm shifts. Specifically I ponder how to help others change fundamental attitudes, behaviors, and habits to improve health, lifestyle, or station in life.

So often my patients hopefully expect a supplement or medication that will quickly and thoughtlessly improve vitality, cure their stress, or lead to a huge health transformation.

This of course doesn’t exist.  Of course the universal truth is that nothing ever worth doing or achieving comes easy.

Some hearing this message find hope and encouragement from the knowledge that most illness stems not from genetics but instead from lifestyle.

Knowing that food, activity level, emotional and spiritual balance play the greatest role in health often motivates those “asleep” to concepts capable of improving vitality.  I’ve begun counseling my patients on the concept of a “Healthy Paradigm Shift” required to truly reclaim health.

Many try “dieting” by limiting sodas, limiting processed sugar, and only treating themselves to these nutritional ills periodically.  The same patient who chose the moderation of known hazards gets the same predictable results (Only a moderate improvement in obesity, diabetes, fatigue, digestive problems, lost vitality, muscle strength, ability etc. etc.)

The “Moderators” lead lives of decline instead of abundance.  They write off decline as aging or natural decline.  However, the sad truth is that mostly they accept decline that comes from choices.

“Cure” for such conditions, stems from committing ourselves to fundamental changes hence the health paradigm shift.

The paradigm shift dictates that I will no longer consume things simply out of habit or conditioning.

Instead, “I will consume only that which improves my health or provides solid nourishment, development or repair to my body.”

When one takes this approach, they begin traveling a road less traveled.  They intentionally choose to think about food procurement, preparation, and quality in a new light.  They find worth in skills like gardening and cooking.  These individuals begin to question how store or restaurant food is prepared.  They also begin to understand health does not come from a bottle.  Instead, we claim health by attention to feeding and fueling our body with whole foods and avoiding sedentary endeavors.

Do NOT accept the paradigm that eating something occasionally which has clinically been proven both addictive and neurologically toxic (Like aspartame) is ever OK.  You will begin to experience fundamental change.

So often I have seen people throw off the shackles of modern consumption habits and begin seeing unexpected leaps of health.  In my clinical system these leaps of health are measured and celebrated not just by improvements in numbers like blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, or weight.  Patients also begin to report improved energy, sleep, allergies, digestion, mood, even libido and sex lives.

Do not underestimate the role nutrition, sleep, basic fitness, and avoidance of unhealthy habits can have on overall health.

Quite simply one must only decide if they truly want health.

Ask yourself some key questions…

  • Do I deserve good health?
  • Do I want more vitality than I have right now?
  • Do I want to take medicines for the rest of my life?
  • Do I want the best for my family and children?
  • Do I want to be beholden to a medical industry or do I want to determine my own health?

I could go on but the point is to begin asking yourself about why you make choices that frequently are not in your best health interest.

I hope you will step out from the herd.   Explore nutritional concepts found throughout this website.  Educate yourself as to what real nutrition and health means.

Interested in a Healthy Paradigm Shift?

Here’s a great starting point… Pareto’s Principles Applied to Health

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