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Life Lessons From a Lemon Tree

For the last few months I have lacked focus and motivation. Sure I’ve pushed through my clinical duties but my passion for delievering new material to the TRIBE waned.  Life, work, and business compete for our time,  energy, and creativity.  Sometimes we can feel less productive or even stagnant.

It was while reflecting on my motivation that I came across a small Lemon tree growing in my backyard.  The tree  caught my attention and reminded of a qoute.

“Most of life’s problems can be solved in a Garden” –Geoff Lawton

No, the tree didn’t talk to me…but it did share a story.

By all accounts the tree “looked” healthy–green leaves, thick expanding trunk, a few buds but only one lonely plump lemon.

This got me thinking.

There’s a season for everything.

This little tree did the best it could this year….It grew, maintained itself, and even showed a little hope for better times in the spring (Buds).

Despite recent climatic adversity (less rain, intense heat last year, cold winter) this lemon tree still produced something of value.

This little lemon tree eased my mind and helped refocus me. It reminded me that we all have seasons of more or less production.

We all face adversity, frustration, pests and disease. Despite all that, we all can still have hope and produce something to share with the world.

Nature shows us the value of recharging, conserving energy, refocusing, growing deeper roots, and preparing for seasons of greater bounty and productivity.

I’m thankful for my lemons and my wise little tree.

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  • LaJean January 31, 2015, 7:31 am

    Thanks. I am that lemon tree and I never will give up. Spring is almost here and WILL create something beautiful. Thanks for the insight.

  • Carmen July 21, 2015, 12:41 pm

    Thanks! This is exactly where I’m at and reading this has been so helpful.

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