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Staying Motivated For Weight Loss – Three Secret Weapons

Do you struggle with staying motivated for weight loss? Keeping the motivation levels up, confidence intact and energy charged when making positive mental and lifestyle changes can be really hard. Especially when progress has slowed, the seasons have changed or “life” has just happened.


One secret weapon of the motivational pros is visualization. Essentially you create in your mind the exact picture of what success means to you and you play it and relive it over and over until it becomes a reality. You can literally reprogram your synapses. Change your thoughts from negative and self sabotaging to positive, success inducing ones.



Visualization, or picturing success, can be enhanced by combining it with affirmations. Affirmations are simple statements that assume that the person stating them has a particular trait. For example, if a young football player wanted to become stronger and faster on the field, they would repeat the words “I am stronger and faster than I have ever been”. The more they repeat these words, the more likely they are to become stronger and faster.


Now for the secret, secret weapon that really allows you to unlock the power of visualization and affirmations, emotion. Emotion is the key to unlocking the deepest parts of your psychological makeup. The exacts parts of you that need to change if you expect to see success any time soon.  By applying the principles of visualization and affirmations during a period of strong emotion, you will greatly multiply their effect. Music is an excellent way to tie into your emotions and reach those critical subconscious pathways.


A visualization equation that I came across awhile back looks something like this:


Visualization + Emotion x Repetition = Fast Track to Success


The final step to harnessing the power of visualization is to repeat it over and over and over.  I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase practice makes perfect. Well the principle applies here just as much as on the field. You’ve got to practice your visualization exercises over and over until your mindset becomes perfect and your actions naturally create the success that you have been envisioning.

To help you with staying motivated for weight loss, I’ve created a visualization video that ties in positive imagery and powerful affirmations with an emotion provoking soundtrack to supercharge the effects.  Watch the video and soak in the images, messages and music. Then watch it again and again and again. Come back every day and keep watching it until one day you will look in the mirror and realize that you have become the person you only once dreamed of.



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