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Congestive Heart Failure: Natural therapies

Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) is a common condition and cause of death.   There are various reasons for the decline in ability to pump blood efficiently, leading to eventual problems like chronic shortness of breath, swelling in extremities, weakness, fatigue, chest pain, irregular heartbeats, and fluid accumulation in the lungs.

Traditional medicine focuses on treating blood pressure, cholesterol, and heart rate but these only focus on the symptoms of CHF.

Another approach would be to delve deeper into the CAUSE of CHF.  Most often CHF is caused by vascular disease.  This condition often is triggered by years of stress and improper diet.  From a wholistic standpoint, there is considerable evidence that many case of CHF are trigger by chronic nutritional deficiencies.   In other words, the heart’s muscle, vascular, and electrical systems are slowly deteriorated by lack of proper nutrients, chemical stimulants, and hormonal imbalances that combine to cause failure to pump appropriately.

The most common deficiencies involve problems related to B-vitamins, essential fatty acids, and issues related to calcium handling.  If you have been diagnosed with congestive heart failure, consider treating the cause.  Nutritional therapy doesn’t require that you stop your prescribed medications, though you will likely find that treating the typical underlying causes usually results in rather rapid improvement in cardiac function, ejection fraction and vital signs like blood pressure.

The two components of treatment include:

1.  Diet:  Limit processed sugar, excess table salt in your diet.  In particular do not drink soda and severely limit alcohol consumption.   For more comprehensive nutritional ideas check out NRG DIET & LIFESTYLE COMPASS.

2.  Whole food nutritional supplementation:  Minimum 3 months.  Expect improvement in 60 days.  IF improvement noted, taper back to 1/2 the initial dosage on each after 90 days.

CARDIOPLUS  3 tabs 3 times daily

      CATAPLEX B 3 tabs 3 times daily

      CATAPLEX F 3 tabs 2 times daily

      CALCIUM LACTATE  3 three times daily


      1 tablespoon of FLAX OIL  or Cod liver oil daily

(FYI the listed regimen would also strongly benefit those at risk for or suffering from vascular heart disease or CAD)

For more information on listed supplements:  Click Here

This regimen is made from food.  You should notice differences in energy, stamina, circulation (less cold extremities, weakness, and less swelling).   You will likely have more issues related to medications so followup with your doctor if you notice improvement but side effects (Like your bp getting too low) as your heart strengthens.

As a final reminder, this regimen doesn’t replace adequate medical evaluation.  Also this treatment will do the most as far as longevity and minimizing progression if treated early and consistently.  However, that being said, even severely damaged hearts or those with very advanced CHF could still benefit from the concept of “fueling the heart” better.  As a medical doctor, I’ve used this regimen with very measurable benefits in numerous patients.  It’s exciting when I get a chance to decrease medications and simultaneously see my previously waning patient find renewed vigor.

Everyone has to die of something.   We should not die because of nutritional deficiencies and due to over medication.   Give yourself a chance.  I’d love to share your success story.

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