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Exoskeletons–NOT JUST SCI-FI anymore?


I saw this interesting article in FAST COMPANY magazine earlier this month.  


I’m always interested in increasing my patients mobility, strength and vitality.  I have special interest in health issues of quad and paraplegic patients.  I’ve witnessed first hand the challenges faced by those living with a spinal cord injuries either from accidents or combat.  


Many quad/paraplegics have overcome tremendous adversity, spending years rehabilitating and learning new skills for mobility, adapting to their new physical abilities.  Physically, the ability to ambulate could impart improved health on those confined to a chair just based on movement, weight bearing and lymphatic flow….Do you think exoskeletons will become ubiquitous a wheelchairs or canes?


I’m interested to see what others think about this type of technology.  I wonder how many people are interested in this type of equipment?  Do you foresee new limitations or new freedoms?


Check out this interesting article, forward this blog to friends or family who may have interest, I’d love to hear feedback on what people see has pros and cons to equipment.


We’re living in a brave new world!

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