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Fresh Perspective – Phase 1 of the Five Phases of Positive Change

“It is not the mountain we conquer, it is ourselves. If you can overcome your fear, you are frequently able to extend yourself far beyond what you normally regard as your ability.”
                                                              Sir Edmund Hillary on climbing Mount Everest


NRG Your Diet and Lifestyle Compass is based on five phases of positive change:

  • fresh perspective
  • real food
  • proper proportions
  • proper preparation 
  • proper source 
  • These phases are prioritized in a way that will give you the most benefit from the get go. The first phase, fresh perspective is focused on education and introspection while the following four are application oriented.  Our aim is bring to you an increased awareness regarding the connection between the food you eat and its effect on your health.  We want you to have every thing you need to reach your health goals by making the necessary dietary changes without a problem.


    Gaining a new level of awareness

    Every year new statistics are published about the nation wide rise of obesity and chronic disease.  For possibly the first time in history, parents are being told that they might outlive their children.  You have probably heard that this is because Americans are becoming lazy, technology dependent, genetically flawed, and undisciplined.  In a word, incapable of dealing with their health issues.  This is not true! Genetics, physical activity levels and personal discipline are not changing nearly as fast as our food system. 

    Over the last hundred years, thousands of fabricated food products have been introduced to the American dinner table. These products are engineered to be produced bigger, faster, and cheaper while value is gauged by external appearance and shelf life rather than quality or nutritional value.  The connection between the introduction and complete societal acceptance of new fangled foods and failing American health must be acknowledged.

    Many years ago, nutritional science took a turn for the worse when a well meaning researcher published a questionable study reporting that saturated fat and cholesterol caused heart disease.  Despite the fact that the data used for the report was falsified and the conclusions were completely unfounded, both the media and the federal government jumped on board, demonizing any source of saturated fat and cholesterol (aka real food) and raising refined grains and unsaturated vegetable oils as the new protectors of good health. 

    Since this shift in public policy and perception, per capita consumption of butter, fatty meat, whole dairy, eggs, and lard have dramatically decreased. During the same time frame refined vegetable oils, shortening, flour, cereal, fruits, low fat dairy, lean meats, and caloric sweeteners (sugar and high fructose corn syrup) have experienced a dramatic increase.  As a result, the percentage of daily calories from fat has decreased while the percentage of daily calories of carbohydrates has increased.

    Pyramid Scheme

    Changes in the American diet and health status since the introduction of the USDA food guide pyramid

    Real Food Out

    Fabricated Food In

    Daily Calories

    Chronic Disease

    ↓ butter

    ↑ vegetable oil

    ↑ % carbohydrates

    ↑ Obesity

    ↓ fatty meat

    ↑ shortening

    ↓ % fat

    ↑ Heart Disease

    ↓ whole dairy

    ↑ refined flour


    ↑ Cancer

    ↓ eggs

    ↑ cereal


    ↑ Diabetes

    ↓ lard

    ↑ low fat dairy


    ↑ Dementia

    ↓ whole grains

    ↑ lean meat


    ↑ Arthritis


    ↑ caloric sweeteners


    ↑ Osteoporosis

    Looking at the data this way makes it easy to see the simple correlation between the increased consumption of processed food and the increased rates of disease.




    Nationwide health has taken a hit from not only the introduction of government dietary regulations, but also corporate recognition of the psychological effects of sugar.


    Sugar Psychosis

    Studies consistently show that neither animals nor humans have a physiological “off switch” when it comes to sweet things.  In nature, sweet things happen very rarely (seasonal ripe fruit and honey) and famine is a regular occurrence.  Mammals are geared to store energy in the midst of plenty as security against scarcity.  Food processors have incorporated this knowledge into every aspect of their food production protocols.  Every year, more sweetened foods hit the market shelves than the year before. 

    Sweeteners like sugar and high fructose corn syrup are currently the number one food additive (not ingredient) because the food processors know that we genetically just cannot resist.  This physiological exploitation makes our choice of foods the absolute key to maintaining or regaining our health.  

    If we choose the wrong foods (aka sweetened processed foods), all of the laws of nature are working against us and the food processors know it because it increases their bottom line.  Grocery stores, restaurants and cafeterias provide a never ending season of plenty that has wrecked the health of millions over the years.                                                                           


     Where Do We Go From Here?

    In an effort to bring traditional wisdom back to the modern diet and in turn allow you to reclaim your health and vitality, the NRG program will serve as a roadmap for effective dietary change.  But first you must realize that food plays a huge role in how you feel, how you heal, and who you become. 

    Like Sir Edmund Hillary said above, it is time to put off any lingering fears and make the changes necessary to build your foundation for optimal health. One of the best ways to break out of a rut and gain a fresh perspective is to take a good hard look in the mirror.  By that I mean analyze yourself and identify exactly where you are. By doing this first you can see where you could be much more clearly.

    We’ve put together a simple survey that will walk you through a quick personal analysis.  This health survey will help you see the powerful change possible through accurate nutrition.  It is time to take the focus off of weight loss and begin to focus on the real indicators of good health: energy, improved mood and vitality.  After you’ve been working the NRG program for a few months you should re-take the survey which will likely show considerable changes in many aspects of your health. 


     Click here for the NRG Intro Survey


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