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Listener Feedback Podcast (10/16/2014)

Your questions are answered here!  Thanks for the great topics.  Keep questions coming for future episodes.  

Today we covered:  CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

1)Risks and Benefits of using inversion table for chronic back or neck problems?  (1’55”)

2)Does Low Dose Naltrexone therapy benefit those suffering with autoimmune disease? (6’21”)

3)What are my thoughts on essential oil therapy? (12’27”)

4)Does a positive Qualitivative Hepatitis B surface antibody test mean I have hepatitis B? (18′)

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  • Orlando De La Cruz October 18, 2014, 3:27 pm

    Thanks for offering your feedback on Low Dose Naltrexone! It’s good to hear you validate the information I’ve read about it. I’ve been talking to people about your practices and principles and shared this podcast to someone that can benefit from this information!

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