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Listener Feedback Podcast 2/26/2015

Welcome to the next installment of the NRGTRIBE Podcast. 

In this episode we will answer YOUR questions!  

Covered Topics:

  1. How do I NOT “Fall apart” after being an athlete my entire life?

  2. How safe are artificial sweetners? (24′)

  3. What’s a good age to begin weight training? (26’50)

  4. Is rice healthy? (29.30)



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  • Pam March 1, 2015, 9:27 pm

    Well, I have not been an athlete all my life in any way, fashion or form. But, in my quest to be more healthy, I have become quite active with exercise, running, weight training, etc. So, this was a great thing to listen to in order to reinforce those things we already know but need a reminder on, and those things we didn’t know and should be doing. I took lots of notes to refer to going forward!

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