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Top 5 NRG TRIBE Posts: 2013

As 2013 comes to a close I decided to look back and pull together some of the most popular NRG TRIBE posts for the year.

It’s been a pleasure creating “Real” health information for you this year.  I am excited about 2014.   In 2014 I plan to push not only disease specific topics but also explore health as related to athletic performance.  As many readers know, I have a passion for sports and athletic endeavors.   This year I will feature topics in this area as well as interviews with important coaches and sports.

As always, my greatest interest is answering your questions and helping you become your own health expert.   If there’s a topic you would like to hear about in 2014, leave a comment and I’ll try to tackle those to the best of my ability.

Happy 2014!



Fenugreek:  Testosterone Booster?

Healthy Paradigm Shifts


Pareto’s Principle Applied to Health

Well Care Vs Disease Care

Goal Tending for Better Health




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