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Family Nutrition–Wanting the Best?

What’s most important to you?

I ask this question to many patients and get answers ranging from God to Career.

Often the answer is FAMILY.

In the hierarchy of importance, if FAMILY ranks most important, I contend that nurturing, teaching, and developing your family must be extremely high among daily priorities.

No where else does the modern family have more challenges than that faced by teaching proper family nutrition habits.  The modern is chocked full of processed sugar, chemical preservatives, and artificial dyes.

We are told by traditional medical information sources to avoid natural fats and cholesterol sources.  We encourage each other to eat large quantities of grain, cereals, breading and starchy foods under the failed philosophy of eating “Low Fat.”

Government agencies, under influence from industrial agriculture, pharmaceutical, and chemical manufacturing companies try to tell us traditional foods (Eggs, dairy, meat, home grown fruits, vegetables, and nuts) are bad for us unless they are pasteurized, stripped of natural fats, homogenized, and treated with chemicals to prolong spoilage. These industries along with government regulation reinforce that “growing your own” takes too much time.

Our children can grown up never knowing how to procure food or worse yet even prepare delicious meals from quality food sources.

I think a worthy mission for the NRGTRIBE will involve highlighting sources of quality nutrition.  

I will encourage readers to protect and fuel their families by making the smartest decisions they can regarding food.

I encourage readers to ask where their food comes from.  Grow their own and spend more time thinking about what we feed our most precious.

Do we give our children the best?  Do they know how to prepare food?  (Do you know how to make a quality meal?)  Have they ever grown anything?  Have they tasted a home grown tomato versus one off a McDonald’s burger?

I’ve mentioned many times, we are what we eat.  The diseases your family suffer in the years ahead stem from the food they consume now.  Your child’s ability to perform in school IS AFFECTED by the choice between a POP TART with SKIM MILK or a scrambled egg and a glass of whole milk.

Do you have athletic aspirations for your family?  Food is the fuel for the human race engine.

Cheap fuel = Poor Performance

Think on that!

What does your family deserve?

Keep an eye out for more posts through January and throughout the year focused on quality nutrition, self-sufficiency, and improving health through paradigm shifts regarding family nutrition.

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  • Julie davis March 23, 2014, 11:59 am

    What is your recommendation on infant nutritian? Breast feed to what age? Introduce real food at what age? What foods do you start with–cereals, grains, fruits, veges, or proteins? Please include examples of proteins, veges, or fruits to start with. Thanks

    • William Curtis MD March 24, 2014, 1:11 pm

      Breast feed if possible to at least 1 year. (Or as long as you can up to one year)

      Any breast feeding is better than NO breast feeding.

      Usually you can begin introducing foods at 6-7 months of age. Never introduce cereals or sweets. I would introduce veggies first, then protein sources like chicken, beef, turkey, etc. Introduce foods slowly (maybe 1 new food weekly). Blend or puree foods.

      Stay clear of starchy foods like potatoes, grains, and fruit based feeds as long as possible. Don’t get in a hurry to start giving cereals…it’s not needed.

      You might try peas, carrots, cauliflower, sweet potato, green beans as starters.

      I usually recommend dairy a bit later. Try to stay clear of Dairy until 1 year. Eggs should come in later too, perhaps 8-12 months.

      Go slow, avoid sugar, avoid processed foods, don’t get tempted to dump grain carbs into the diet. Hope that helps….

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