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What Bankers Can Teach Us About Nutrition

Recently I came across probably one of the most concise reports summarizing the current state of nutritionally related health information.

I have long taught that quality fats and cholesterol rank as one of the most important foods for health and simultaneously that excess carbohydrates and processed fats are causing the obesity epidemic around the world.

Now the Credit Suisse an investment/banking researcher provides a report clearly outlining how modern nutrition research clearly shows the benefit of natural fats (Eggs, cheese, whole milk, nuts, etc.). The report also reveals that both public and health professionals lack awareness of the bulk of this knowledge.   (Article Here)

Some of my favorite quotes:

While historically medical recommendations encouraged dramatically reducing consumption of saturated fats and cholesterol and placed no limits on polyunsaturated fats and carbohydrate intake, consumer buying patterns and medical research are now moving gradually away from these recommendations to favor food products with more natural unprocessed fats and rich in saturated and monounsaturated fats (organic dairy, grass-fed meats, natural oils, and nuts). The report illustrates this evolution by evaluating over 400 medical research papers and books written by academics and industry experts, and at the same time reveals the results of two proprietary surveys of doctors, nutritionists, and consumers.

And more telling:

“We found that 40% of nutritionists and 70% of general practitioners surveyed believe that eating cholesterol-rich foods has damaging cardiovascular effects. This is not true, according to the extensive research that has become available in recent years. Furthermore, they have limited knowledge of the potential benefits and risks of increased fat consumption,” said Giles Keating, Vice Chairman of Investment Strategy & Research and Deputy Global Chief Investment Officer for Private Banking & Wealth Management. “There is a concerning knowledge gap between the facts on fat and what consumers have been told.”


If you read the remainder of the article you will see the Credit Suisse’ financial predictions.

I’ll summarize those predictions by saying, as true healthy diet awareness expands, we will see a move towards consumers seeking more farmers markets, locally grown, chemical free, quality-fat laden products like fish, eggs, butter, and whole dairy.

I must admit I’m dismayed that 70% physicians polled did not know what current diet research actually says!!!

What do you think about this news?

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