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Where do you want to be when you are 65?

Most people look forward to their golden years, thinking of retirement, travel, and grandchildren.  The health trends today however do not paint a pleasant picture of what life is like at age 65 and older.


After the age of 65:





1 in 2

1 in2

High Blood Pressure

2 in 3

3 in 4

Cardiovascular Disease

3 in 4

3 in 4


1 in 6

1 in 10


1 in 3

1 in3

Overweight or Obese

3 in 4

2 in 3

Osteoporotic fracture

1 in 4

1 in 2


1 in 10

1 in 6


With the consistent rise of chronic disease, the cost of health care is steadily rising which begs the question:


Why are we spending so much money to extend such a low quality of life?


By the time you are 65, the chances that you will have both enough money to live comfortably and your health are looking pretty grim.


Now is the time to choose whether you want to follow the current health and nutrition advice that will inevitably lead you into a health crisis or to make changes in the way you think and act regarding your health.


The choice is yours to improve your quality of life now and guarantee your quality of life later.


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